The Secret Inside Hotel San Jose

Hotel San Jose

Between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., I go from what looks like a totally normal professional to a mix between Santa Claus and Lord Voldemort, thanks to this robe. I saw it on the front of the Pottery Barn catalog in early December and promptly put it at the top of my Christmas list.

But as things warm up my already slightly ridiculous look goes from not just ridiculous, but out of season. I’ve gotten more than my fair share of weird looks from Favor drivers delivering my dinner post 7 p.m. It’s probably because they weren’t expecting to deliver dinner to Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revnant. It's a striking resemblance, except that my fur is faux of course.

Anyway, it’s time for me to be more seasonal. Now SOME (aka my husband) would argue that I already have six robes in my rotation and six robes is too many. I say blasphemy. They all serve a different purpose: I have an after-shower robe, a running-from-upstairs-to-downstairs robe, two it’s-really-hot-outside robes and a this-was-on-sale at Target robe - not to mention the aforementioned Christmas present which is my main staple.

But, you know what I don’t have? This robe.This robe is What I'm Loving This Week. If that phrase means nothing to you, read this.

I first discovered this colorful serape kimono on blogger Carrie Colbert's Instagram (@carriec) and traced its origin back to Hotel San Jose in Austin. Designed by Texas hotelier Liz Lambert, these wraps welcome visitors to their rooms at all Bunkhouse properties including El Cosmico in Marfa and Hotel Havana in San Antonio. Even better, they are made in a government-sponsored co-op in India, promoting indigenous weaving and dyeing techniques.

Lucky you. Or better yet, lucky me, you don’t have to stay at one of the hotels to sport its wrap. The kimono robes are available on the Hotel San Jose website for $160.