TCU Basketball Player Talks Passion for Animals in Big 12 Video

Brandon Parrish may be one of TCU basketball’s best 3-point shooters, but his place in the circle of life isn’t just in basketball. It’s working with animals as well.

The senior guard is featured in the Big 12 Conference’s “Big 12 Champions for Life” video series this week. Parrish, who has always been passionate about animals (his favorite movie was “The Lion King”), was able to work with rhinos and elephants on a TCU program trip in South Africa.

Graduating in the top 25 percent of his high school class, the Arlington native said he had always held himself to a high standard in the classroom.

“When I got to TCU, I started learning about the things I wanted to learn about,” he said in the video. “That pushed me to a whole other level of just wanting to do good in the classroom, pay attention, and like I said, just be the best I can be in every aspect of my college life.”

Parrish is a combined science major with emphases in biology and environmental science. Michael Slattery, the director of the Institute for Environmental Sciences at TCU, describes Parrish as a “likeable, articulate, intelligent young man.”

And Parrish’s future appears promising.

“My dream is to be the next Crocodile Hunter, so if I could be Steve Irwin, Jr., my life purpose is fulfilled,” Parrish said.