Waterside Welcomes Extension of Trinity Trails

FitWorth Bridge

There's more Trinity Trail to explore in Fort Worth.

Photo by Elliott Hicks

by Sunday Nester

There's more Trinity Trail to explore in Fort Worth. 

The Waterside development, located off the Clear Fork of the Trinity River and Bryant Irvin Road, held a dedication ceremony Wednesday to welcome a one-mile extension of the Trinity Trails.

The extension includes a new bridge, called FitWorth Bridge after Mayor Betsy Price’s city health initiative, that links Bellaire Drive to Watercourse Drive in southwest Fort Worth. The trail is car, bike and pedestrian-friendly.

Waterside’s developer, Trademark Property Company, partnered with Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) to build the $1.5 million bridge and collaborated with nonprofit Streams & Valleys on the enhancements made to the trail extension. Enhancements include new directional signs for joggers and cyclists, as well as a large public art piece created by Texas artist Bob Daddy-O Wade, who used repurposed equipment from the original Lockheed Martin Recreation Association playgrounds.

“Five years ago, Trademark made a promise to work with TRWD and Streams & Valleys to help make this trail extension at Waterside a reality,” said Terry Montesi, CEO of Trademark. “We are proud of delivering on this commitment and all Waterside has done to add value to southwest Fort Worth.”