What I’m Loving This Week: Vogue Videos

73 Questions

The Vogue cameras turned on Anna Wintour in September 2014.

There’s this thing that happens every time my husband tells me a story. I will follow up with, “and then what happened,” or “what did he/she say next” or any number of questions to keep the story going. He has learned that the only way to respond is with “That’s the end of the story. There’s nothing else.” One time, I even demanded more when he simply sent a photo of our (perfect) cat Olive. He said, “Story is over.” To which I responded, “tell it again.”

Maybe it’s because I’m incredibly nosey or maybe it’s because I have the mind of a journalist (or lawyer if I’m really flattering myself), but I always have more questions.

Which leads me to What I’m Loving This Week Part Two: the 73 Questions series on Vogue.com.  Filmed in a single shot, Vogue asks personalities and celebrities from Taylor Swift to Matt Lauer to Emily Ratajkowski 73 questions. The subjects range from interesting but inconsequential questions like what’s your favorite flavor of cupcake and what’s your favorite curse word to what’s your biggest regret and what’s the hardest thing abut being a mom. It’s the rapid-fire format combined with never knowing the intensity of the next question that keeps me dangerously on the edge of my office seat. Although, it is worth noting that the celebs are not on the edge of their seat as the videos are clearly rehearsed. I mean we are still talking about Vogue here.

But perhaps my favorite part isn’t what they say but what we see. Each video takes viewers behind the scenes of the celebrity’s haunts and homes. In the most recent episode, we get to see inside Taylor Swift’s Beverly Hills house. Other drool-worthy spots include Sarah Jessica Parker’s brownstone (the original episode of the webiseries which was posted more than two years ago), Anna Wintour’s office, Iggy Azalea’s studio and Reese Witherspoon’s pad.

Each episode leaves me wondering whether I’m more jealous of the famous beauty my eyes are fixed on the whole time, or the interviewer I never see.

Who am I kidding? I wanna be the celebrity.