You Know You’re a Cowboys Fan When…

Dak Prescott. Photo by James D. Smith. 

Home field advantage for the playoff rematch against the Green Bay Packers? Bring it. Dallas Cowboys fans are pumped for Sunday, and if you’re a diehard, you can bet at least one of the following sounds like you.

You know you’re a Cowboys fan when...

1. You spell “them” with a D.

As in, “Dem boyz” or “How ‘bout dem Cowboys.” That is the correct spelling in the unspoken Cowboys dictionary.

2. You’re a firm believer that #DezCaughtIt.

No, you’re still not over the 2015 NFC divisional game against the Packers. Because of that, you still don’t know what a “football move” is. All you know is that Dez caught it, plain and simple.

3. You shop at Albertsons or Tom Thumb on Game Day...

...because everyone knows that you get 10 percent off groceries when you wear your Cowboys jersey. Jason Witten said so.

4. You love Dak Prescott but will defend Tony Romo ‘til the day you die.

Yes, Dak Prescott is amazing and the future of the Cowboys and all those great things. But come on. Tony Romo is a good dude, and he deserves all kinds of respect.

5. If you could travel back to a certain decade, it would be the 90s.

The clothes were awful and the music was blah, but man, the Cowboys were good. Three Super Bowl wins (1993, 1994, 1996), one of them back-to-back – good times.

6. You always cheer against the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins.

The last two especially.

7. You own a fedora because you’re a good Fort Worthian – but really because you think it makes you look like Tom Landry.

Stylish headwear is a thing in Fort Worth, but if you’re a Cowboys fan, putting on your hat is more like channeling your inner coaching legend.

8. You prioritize your o-line in Madden.

There’s a debate over whether or not having a good offensive line on the Madden NFL game even matters, but Cowboys fans know a good o-line is everything. That’s what Jerry Jones taught you.

9. Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith are your OTP.

That’s internet speak for One True Pair, or two people you will love and support forever. Whenever the “name a more iconic duo” was a thing, you rushed to your phone and responded with a photo of Aikman and Smith.

10. Jerry World? More like “home.”

The Cowboys’ stadium goes by many names...AT&T Stadium, Jerry World...but for you, it’s home to what will forever be America’s Team.