You Know You’re From Fort Worth When…


There’s no place like home, and there’s certainly no place like Fort Worth. And with that, there are a few things that only the locals would understand. Does this list sound like you?

You know you’re from Fort Worth when...

Seeing “Forth Worth” makes you die inside.

No. Fort Worth used to be an U.S. Army fort – hence the name “Fort” Worth (no H!). We don’t say “Forth” Bragg or “Forth” Lauderdale. And we don’t say “Forth Worth” either.

...and so do people that refer to “Fort Worth” as “Dallas.”

Another “no-no.” Dallas is in the east; Fort Worth is in the west. Dallas has Reunion Tower; Fort Worth has Sundance Square. They are separate cities, part of the same Metroplex. Get it right.

You have ridiculously high standards for burgers, tacos and barbecue.

Fort Worth is highly saturated with burger, taco and barbecue joints – and those three specifically – which explains why you’ve developed a cultured palate for such cuisine. When you go out and visit similar establishments in other cities, it’s just not the same.

Business attire consists of cowboy boots and a stetson.

So what if it’s 98 degrees outside? There’s no stopping a Fort Worthian from donning staple cowboy gear to work. And for ladies, dresses with cowboy boots are naturally part of the wardrobe.

You’ve run into Pat Green or Leon Bridges at the grocery store.

Oh, hey there, Leon! How’s it goin’? With Fort Worth being a big city with a small town feel, it’s not uncommon to run into a nationally known music star in a random place. No big deal.

...or you’ve run into Andy Dalton somewhere around TCU.

There’s no keeping this former Horned Frog and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback off campus, especially during the NFL offseason. You may catch him at the TCU Rec Center or McAlister's Deli. Just look out for that flash of red hair.

You wake up with a natural tension on Saturday mornings.

That’s because it’s Game Day, and Horned Frog fans that bleed purple know you can’t just relax on Saturdays when there’s a football game. You know the Frogs will fight ‘em ‘til hell freezes over (or at least, they’re supposed to), and all the heart and soul you put into cheering for the team will leave you exhausted by the end of the day.

The Stock Show and Rodeo is the perfect excuse for skipping school.

It’s not exactly a government-observed holiday, but it totally should be. Teachers will understand (because they’ve done it, too).

You’re unreasonably polite to the person you’re mad at.

Fort Worthians are just nice people. Rather than raising voices right away, you’d rather settle disputes “the Fort Worth way” and just talk it out.

You’re used to being around hipster cowboys.

Brewed in the morning and Billy Bob’s at night. Fort Worth is the one city where you can be eyeing urban art on the streets, then walking side-by-side with cattle on dirt roads. That’s just the way life goes here. Cowboys and Culture, y’all.