Autumn Decorating Inspirations for Your Porch!!!

Happy FALL y'all!  I've been working on this blog for 2 weeks, and I finally carved out the time to wrap it up today.  By now, I'm sure you've already decorated your porch for the Fall season, but just incase you haven't, here are some inspiring photos to motivate you.

Don't you just LOVE these door wreaths?  This unique shape is perfect for double doors. 


Have shrubs and bushes on your porch? Don't forget to put lights on them (Christmas lights) to enhance your Fall decor when the sun goes down.  It looks fabulous at night, and people can actually see your decorations from the street.

Stacking a variety of pumpkins, squashes and gourds adds creative appeal to the over all look you are trying to achieve. 

Large and small pots of Mums will pull the complete harvest look together.

Now that we are well into football season, no porch should go without your favorite home team custom painted pumpkin from Ridgmar Farmers Market. 

At this time every year, my parents love getting into the holiday spirit.  Starting in October and rolling through the New Year, they have a rotation of celebration on their porch and in their yard.  This Fall harvest looks great from the street, and especially for guest who come to the door.  

Friendly scarecrow, check! Painted Welcome sign, check! Wooden stools and wicker baskets, check check!

Here is another great Fall farm look at one of our neighbors homes. 

I LOVE the corn stalks flanking each side of their front door, along with the fall harvest spilling down their sidewalk.

Adding accessories to your Fall decor adds a layer of depth that goes beyond just the produce.  I love how they used ceramic pumpkins along with a few whimsical creatures to create that final look. Plus, they can light these pumpkins up every night through October and not have to worry about a rotting mess.


I have a total obsession over pumpkin topiaries.  Yes, I love pumpkin topiaries more that anything in the whole wide world.  In fact, you just might be wondering: why the Hell doesn't Christy have pumpkin topiaries as her fall decor?  Well I'll tell you exactly why, cause I have children.  Two boys who chose, for the most part, to pick out the most unsymmetrical pumpkins in the whole patch. THAT pumpkin spoke to their heart, or THIS pumpkin would be perfect cause they know the dog and cat would like it, are the excuses I have heard.  And before you know it, the pumpkin budget is blown and the SUV has a shitpile of NON Martha Stewart-like pumpkins stuffed into the back along with everything else from the farmers market.  So, in light of not having this eye candy on my porch, I have pulled these photos for you to drool over.  A girl can dream, right? Maybe one day I too will have pumpkin topiaries. One day.

The very fabulous and talented Darla at Jim Irwin Floral designed our door wreaths, and below are just a few examples of her work.  From cute and tiny to estate sized, you can find her wreaths on doors and gates all around Fort Worth. She designs for any and every occasion you can think of. 


SO FORT WORTH IT Giveaway!!!

Who is ready for Fall?  One very lucky winner will receive a hand painted pumpkin from Ridgmar Farmers Market, a custom door wreath from Darla Neel and 2 Large pizzas from Mama's to complete the perfect Fall football weekend!  Over a $200 value.  (Please read the official rules so you don't miss out on any important details)