Back to School ='s Fun Giveaways

I'm sure you've been wondering if SoFortWorthIt fell off the turnip truck. It did. For the first time since 2012, I decided to take a summer break and be ALL IN with my kids and enjoy our family vacations instead of being holed up in a hotel room putting precious family time aside for a blog post.

With that said, I've got lots of fun ideas and great topics up my sleeve for this Fall and I'll be ramping up images on Instagram and launching a whole new gig on Periscope. Be sure and follow me so you don't miss out on happenings in the Fort! Now, enjoy this reposted blog from Summer of 2012 with a 2015 addition at the bottom and you don't want to miss entering the current giveaway.

I can't believe it's already Back-To-School time...Where has the time gone?  Summer flew by so fast and yet not quite fast enough, if you know what I mean.  So, in honor of our AWESOME teachers and precious little ones heading back to the bump and grind, I've come up with some fun gift ideas.  

Buckets Full of Fun

Here are some GREAT little teacher sussies I put together.  Each of these gifts have everything a busy teacher or creative artist might need throughout the year, including an emergency sugar fix.

Buckets $5 (Container Store)
Kid Made Modern art supplies $24 (Target)
TOTAL COST $29 + ribbon, letters & tissue

Bucket $4 (Container Store)
Paper accessories $29 (Target & Container Store)
TOTAL COST $33 + ribbon, letters, & candy

Contain Yourself

I had sooo much fun coming up with all the unique things that could go into these divided plastic boxes from The Container Store.  It brought back memories of care packages my parents use to send to me at Camp Longhorn.  Skies the limit on this gift!  Emergency sugar, Box Tops, stamps, etc!  Notice the candy wrapped pink erasers in the large box?



Small divided storage box $10 (Container Store)
Crayon rings $4 (Michaels)
Matchbook note pads $2.50 for 4 (Container Store)
Misc. filler (Target)
TOTAL COST $25 + gift card

Large divided storage box $16 (Container Store)
Candy striped cards & envelopes $4 (Michaels)
Apple decal $1 (Michaels)
Advil $4 (Target @ checkout)
Striped Post-it Notes $2.80 (Target)
Misc filler (Target & Dollar Tree)
TOTAL COST about $45 + crinkle paper

Think Inside the Box

Sometimes it's hard to think outside of the box.  So why not think inside the box?  For this gift, I started in the top left corner with August.  You don't have to go all out every single month.  Some months can be a candy treat, others a simple gift card, and of course something special in the December box.  Be creative and have fun!

Large white box $8 (Container Store)
12 small boxes $9.50 (Container Store)
Bag of crinkle paper $3 per color (Container Store)
Stickers for boxes $2-$6 each (Michaels)
TOTAL COST $50 for set up + filler for boxes


Less expensive option:
Set of 12 nesting boxes $15 (Container Store)
TOTAL COST $15 + filler for boxes

Jarrific Idea

Simple yet functional, and there were several sizes to choose from, even a super small one that would hold a stack of quarters.

Small jar $2 (Container Store)
Medium jar $3 (Container Store)
Large jar $4 (Container Store)
Pink paper clips $3 (Target)
Green binder clips $5 (Target)
Kids Made Modern pencils $4 (Target)

Sweetness Success

Not only would this be great for a special teacher, it would be a FANTASTIC gift for your little one...A secret stash in their locker.


Plastic boxes $1.80 each (Container Store)
Plastic scoop $1 (Container Store)
TOTAL COST $5.40 + ribbon, stickers & candy

A Classic Cookie Bouquet

This is one of my all time favorite gifts to give for every occasion.  They can custom do anything you want and it's sure to please any teacher or student.  

3 cookies in pail $33
Less expensive version of this with 2 party favor size cookies & 1 signature name or logo cookie $23 (not shown)

Cookie in a gift box $13

Cookies by Design 
4455 Camp Bowie
Ft.Worth  76107

Dollar Hits the Spot

I don't walk, I RUN to the dollar spot every time I go to Target!  It's the best place to get inspiration for special little someone's in your life.  Awesome for party favors too.  Everything you see here is from the Dollar Spot, my favorite aisle!

Each pail contains 3-4 items. 
These budget friendly gems will make any teacher smile.
TOTAL COST $4-$5 each + crinkle paper

Your kids will flip when they receive these nostalgic goodies.  You can get creative by filling the Spam can with lunch money, candy, or even restaurant gift cards.
ICEE book & lip treats - $1 each
Spam book & tin - $1 each

Lego of Me

Are these not the cutest Lego school supplies EVER?  This is a great gift option for a male teacher, and of course your son.  Fill up the boxes with loads of fun.

Pencils $2 (Target)
Erasers $3 (Target)
Large green Lego box $15 (Container Store)
Small blue & yellow Lego box $5 each (Container Store)
TOTAL COST $30 + filler for boxes

SpOIL Your Kids' Teacher in 2015

More and more people are experiencing the benefits of essential oils, so why not purchase the ultimate gift of relaxation and indulgence.  Rejuvenate your teacher with the support of oils like Lavender, Peppermint, Peace & Calming, Stress Away, Clarity, En-R-Gee, Immupower, Joy, Motivation and of course Thieves. The teacher will truly appreciate this way more than flowers, apples or one more coffee mug for their collection.  For more information on purchasing these products, click HERE.

Homemade Bath Salts with Essential Oils
Stress Away Roll-On & Tranquil Roll-On
$28.75 WHSL/ $37.28 RTL (Young Living)

SoFortWorthIt Teacher/Student Giveaway!!!

One very lucky winner will receive THIS FAB gift to give to their favorite teacher!!!  (value $102)