Chinese Awesomeness For The WHOLE Family

If you don’t know Mary and Jarry Ho or Elyssa and Casey Kha, then maybe Tokyo Café or Shinjuku Station might come to mind.  Our family has enjoyed their fabulous restaurants over the years and we literally considered Tokyo Café an extension of our own kitchen….until it burned down last year.  Now whenever cravings for a Tok Fix kick in, we whiz over to Magnolia Avenue and drop into Shinjuku Station.


Of course being super close and good friends with the Ho’s, they shared early on about their plans for a third brain child, Cannon a traditional-inspired Chinese restaurant in the up and coming, trendy hospital district down the road from Harris and Cook Children’s. Off the beaten path in a transitioning neighborhood, located in a former private home which is now a historical building, you would NEVER know it was there if you weren't privileged with this info.


This isn’t your average szechuan joint. Nope!  It’s the real deal, so real that it reminds me of the food Jason and I enjoyed when we visited China a few years ago…minus the language barrier and 14 hour flight, of course.


We attended the soft opening in late March for their friends and family and have returned over and over for the delicious fare. We’ve noticed a strong, steady flow of guests since that first night, even with filled tables on week nights. Technically they are still under “soft opening” and haven't officially announced a GRAND opening. With a limited but diverse lunch and dinner menu, there is something for everyone…meat eaters, picky children and vegetarians will all enjoy.


Mary and Jarry asked Jason and I to host with them a special private event in their new restaurant. This party is ONLY for families we know, those who follow my blog SoFortWorthIt, and friends of Lena Pope.  Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Ho’s and Kha’s, an unheard of 50% of all proceeds will go directly to Lena Pope. With the devastating cancelation of Rock The Fort (one of LP's major fundraisers) due to the recent plague of thunderstorms, this special event couldn't come at a better time.

Your reservation includes unique face painting, balloon modeling, traditional lion dances and fun crafts with Asia in mind. This kid-friendly dinner event is sure to please all, especially on a Monday evening with the country club pools closed!  Fun activities will be provided by the extremely talented Lindsey & Coco of Party with Pookie (our family uses them for private events) and will be staged in a small neighborhood park located just a few feet from the front door of Cannon starting around 4:30, before the kitchen opens for food service.


Adult awesomeness will include FIVE FABULOUS RAFFLE ITEMS. One of these special items is a darling Shih Tzu puppy rescued by the Saving Hope Foundation.  Why a Shih Tzu you ask? Well, ancient stories say they were Dynasty Dogs throughout Royal China, so we thought it would only be fitting for such a special occasion. A big big thank you to good friends Lauren Meekins Anton and Gloria Moncrief Holmsten for helping us locate a sweet fur-baby who needs a loving home. Other items will include food, wine, and family friendly packages. Click HERE to read more about the blog post I did two years ago on the Saving Hope Foundation.

The mission of Lena Pope is to help create hope, happiness, and success for children and families.  The mission of Saving Hope is the same for animals - save lives, and to find successful forever loving homes for animals within in a family.

So, you want to join us for a night of Chinese Awesomeness?  This event will sell out fast. Cannon is a boutique restaurant and they are only going to have about 2 1/2 table turnovers, which means you better call 817-238-3726 ASAP! I'm sure there'll end up being a wait list.  If you make reservations and later find that you have a conflict, please call the restaurant to cancel so that we can ensure everyone has a chance to attend. (Because this event is almost sold out with just a handful of tables availible after 8:00PM, we are now offering cocktails and takeout food options while your kids enjoy the festivities and entertainment in the reservations required for this)

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