Come Hell or High Water.......

....this girl's gonna start blog'n!!!

Yup! I'm guilty! Guilty of having waaaay too much on the plate and not enough time to blog...over-commited and underpaid, I tell ya!

Excuses, Excuses! And here they are:

  • crappy elf camera took yucky pictures
  • spent stupidexpensive money on new Canon 
  • learing how to use Stupidexpensive
  • dinosaur PC isn't cohesive with creative blogging
  • came home with a Macbook Pro after 2 meltdowns and a panic attack at Apple
  • experiencing a learning curve with the Mac..........

BUT, to really top it all off...

Our sweet, little 3 year old decided to wash our SUV.

He was doing a really good job...


Such a good job that the car looked like this:


...and good like this too!


It had to be towed...I'm sure it will never be the same again.  Insurance is on it right now, and they say it could be a minimum of $20K.  Story of my life! that I have given you a micro-sample/portion of my busy life...

We are ready to roll!  Let the fun summer, holidays and entertainment begin!