Design Inspirations by Jill Fortney


I absolutely adore Jill Fortney's table from Design Inspirations last year, and if you haven't been to the luncheon, here's a sample of what these talented designers have on display and a teaser for the preview party!  Enjoy these wonderful pictures from Jill Fortney Productions of celedon, silver and of my very favorite combinations AND one of my favorite event planners!  

Well, this is it!  The Design Inspirations Preview Party is tonight, and the sold out luncheon is Wednesday!  I'm headed over to Ridglea Country Club to begin decorating my table.  I'm guessing it will take around 4 hours to complete, if I have all of my ducks in a row and with the help of my design team which includes 3 very talented people - my mom, Jim Irwin the florist, and Raymond with Chateau Fleur.  Tying the perfect bows on the backs of 10 chairs takes about an hour for one person.  My teammates will insure my table has all the right elements in all the right spots.  Between the three of us, no detail will be overlooked.  The eyes and expertise from multiple sources is what pulls together the perfect look.

It's still not too late to purchase tickets to the cocktail Preview Party TONIGHT!  And in case you missed, here is a recap of the beautiful tables I blogged about over the past week!  Click the names and enjoy!

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