Dream Car


Jason and I recently had the opportunity to drive a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG courtesy of Park Place Dealerships. George Johnson, Park Place Motorcars Fort Worth General Manager, asked us to drive the car to get a perspective on the vehicle, and I’m going to share the same with you.

It has been a very long time since a vehicle got me flustered. To borrow a phrase from a recent commercial, when we turned this car on, it returned the favor. Before I slipped my leg into the car, I made sure my hair and makeup were right for the drive. Words cannot describe how amazing this car was to drive, and be seen in for that matter. Dressing the part was essential for a night on the town in a killer sports car.

Next, the ultimate restaurant to see and be seen for dinner and, of course, we chose Waters Bonnell's Coastal Cuisine. With the ceiling-to-floor wall of glass, it seemed as if the entire restaurant was watching us when we arrived at valet. I wore a Sheridan French silk green dress with sky blue Prada heals and had to be mindful of getting out of this incredible car. I wanted to be the topic of someone’s dinner conversation for looking as good as the car and not because I joined the ranks of Britney, Lindsey or Paris.

While dining in the bar at Waters, the attention the car got was as fascinating as any entertainment we could have had in bustling So7. Every time a group of people walked by, they would stop and talk to the valet about the vehicle.  I have never seen a car draw this much attention, not even an everyday-driving Ferrari or Lamborghini brings this much hype.

After wrapping up a fantastic dinner, we decided to head to another “see and be seen” stop. Naturally, we picked Winslow’s Wine Café. What a spectacle we made with the engine’s deep purring sound with all eyes towards the valet.  Mouths dropped as the doors opened like eagle’s wings.  Stepping out ever so gracefully, I felt a since of uncomfortable excitement with all of the attention this beast of a car we were sporting brings.

It was unbelievable that anywhere we went in this particular Mercedes, it attracted attention from the very young to the more distinguished driver with its cool and distinctive gull wing doors. A trip to get snow cones brought teenagers like flies to take pictures of it and with it! Running errands with a stop at Central Market for chips and dips became a source of entertainment with the reaction in the parking lot.

Although Jason and I talked about purchasing this car (which I am beginning to realize is the definition of “getting our perspective), it took serious restraint and control to return it to the dealership.  As much as I would LOVE to have this car, it would be really cool to see one of my subscribers own it.  It will only be at the Fort Worth Park Place dealership for about a week before it is sent to another location.  A new SLS AMG like this retails for over $200K, but you can purchase this 2012 model with 4K miles for around $160K. Happy shopping, and have a great weekend!  



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