SoFortWorthIt Blog Update

Hey SoFortWorthIt Fans!

Long time, no see. I'm sure you're wondering where on God’s green Earth I've been since my last post in January.

Juggling motherhood and trying not to fail at it? Maybe.

Procrastinating and allowing fun stuff to get in the way of responsibilities? Probably.

Working on a new and exciting SoFortWorthIt project? Definitely!

Life isn’t always this unorganized, but right now, it is taking 1st place in the race.


I can’t contain my excitement and enthusiasm any more
In 2016, I am launching my very own blog/website to bring you the latest and greatest Fort Worth and beyond has to offer, with business features and advertising opportunities, plus more giveaways than ever before! The details are still being worked out, so stay tuned and keep up by following me on Facebook (check out my latest giveaway there) and Instagram for more details over the coming months.  Until then, you can read all of my future blogs right here on SoFortWorthIt on

And one more thing, don't forget to tune into RHWODallas NEXT Wednesday, April 13th to catch me having a little fun in Cowtown!!! Don't blink or you might miss me!