Trade Secret Tuesday

Man oh man has this summer been a busy one! Our family has been in and out of town since school let out, without a minute to spare...or blog!  Over the last few weeks I've been working on some fun ideas for SoFortWorthIt, starting with Trade Secret Tuesday.  Once a week I will share some of my trade secrets I have acquired over many years of entertaining.  

In the mean time, here's a peek at the annual trip I take in May to New York City and Connecticut for the Trade Secrets Garden & Antique Show.  Accompanied by my mom and several of her friends, we wine and dine at some of the best restaurants, visit fabulous antique stores, attend the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club Annual Decorator Show House, and hobnob with the hoity toities.  And of course, attend the Trade Secrets Garden & Antique Show in CT.


Great antique store.  Although some stuff was a bit over priced, they did extend a 30% discount to the trade.

Cha-ching!  Birdcage for $500!  I knew I would find a good deal!

LOVE!  LOVE!  LOVE!  Been looking for side/end/coffee tables like this for over EIGHT YEARS!!!  Yes!!!!  And here they were, at a fair price...kinda!  I wasn't about to wait another 8 years for a cheaper pair to come along!  Plus, these were too amazing to pass up!  Cast iron right off an old building and then converted to tables!

Kips Bay Show House with Mom and Susan, my shopping partners in crime.  Sorry for the lack of photos. This was the only one I could take in the whole place! The generous designer of this room filled it with fabulous Warhol's, brightly painted vintage metal chairs, and fun textiles.  Dream room for second home, if that ever happens!


Several stores later, I am still finding steals...These beautiful old corbels were $500 for the pair.  I couldn't resist, AGAIN!

These old carved stone corbels were just $125 each.  I lovey, but no havey place for them.  Left these happy campers where they were.

Although these balusters aren't that old, they will be wonderful when I'm finished with them.  I will have 2 new sofa tables topped with Carrera marble for our back patio.

Bunny Williams's FABULOUS pool house.

Bunny's garden outside of the solarium and guesthouse.

My dream chicken coop!  Seriously!  I'm in LOVE!!!!  Santa, do you hear me?

Some of the many vendor booths and tents at the antique/garden show in CT.  We spotted several celebrities including Marta Stewart, Bette Midler, & Laura Linney.

Amazing selection of plants and flowers.  Most of these wonderful little gems don't do well in Texas... It was such a tease.

And FINALLY, not to bore you too much more with this extra loooooong post, we were very fortunate to tour several private resident gardens.  So private I can't reveal the names of the families, except for one.  Carolyne Roehm, oooooh how I love thee...let me count the ways!!!  

  2. Personal tour of her gardens by none other guessed it!
  3. GRACIOUS beyond fault
  4. Served tea on silver platters...her very own recipe
  5. Got the personal dish on some of her FAV personal antique pieces
  6. Smiled the whole time we took pictures with her.  ALL of our cameras...even retakes!  

One of Carolyne Roehm's books...sitting on a coffee table at Bunny's home.