Welcome to So Fort Worth It!


Hi!  I'm Christy Dunaway Smith and welcome to “So Fort Worth It!”  Thank you Fort Worth, Texas magazine for allowing me to showcase great entertaining, design ideas, AND all that Fort Worth has to offer.  I can’t wait to show you the latest and greatest of everything fun, beautiful, exciting, expensive, affordable, must have… Well, you get the point.

While we’re comfy and getting to know each other, let’s take a peek into MY life so I can inspire you to entertain, glamorize, and LOVE this as much as I do!

Meet my family: My sweet husband Jason of 12 years (I met him at a stoplight in my car 20 years ago…oh, yes I did!).  Our 2 boys, Winn (almost 7) and Reed (3 1/2).

And, this is what I do:  ENTERTAIN!!!  A lot!  Sometimes too much!

I hosted an over-the-top dessert party/book signing for a dear friend of mine from Dallas.

Decorating and design is another one of my passions.  They go hand in hand when it comes to hosting the perfect event.  The décor/theme set the tone for everything.

Trust me, this may seem like a superpower, but it’s not even close! With some simple coaching, a lot of inspiration, and tons of your own creative ideas, you can do this too!

I can’t wait to inspire you with my experience and love of:

  • Entertaining: parties, events, showers and weddings
  • Social: charity events, restaurants and museums
  • Design: antiques, furniture and art
  • Beauty: products, jewelry, fashion and services
  • Family life: motherhood, children and marriage

Thanks for visiting! Stay tuned for my next post where we get started on the nitty-gritty details from my simple to extravagant floral arrangements for any entertainment.   Until then, be sure to subscribe to this blog for instant updates!

Images courtesy of Sommer Photography & Ruda Photography