Where does the time fly?

Yes, I have been taking a break and it feels sooo good!  With the best intentions, I really was trying to find the time to share with you the table I did for Design Inspirations.  My body just flat out hit a wall after that event, and I was in bed for the better part of the following day.  Before I even realized it, we were right into the last week of school before break, and I was frantically trying to get everything done (clothes washed & packed, groceries bought and loaded, etc) before we drove to Arkansas in an RV.  Yes, you heard me right...an RV!!! Jason drove the whole way while me and the boys watched RV with Robin William over and over and over!

We just rolled into town Thursday night from the best glamping trip EVER!  I can't wait to show some snipits from our trip.  Hang tight and enjoy your weekend with family and friends and I look forward to sharing all of the excitement next week!