Comfort Experts

#13 Best Company to Work For - Small Companies

What they do: Air conditioning and heating contractor installs and provides service for complete HVAC systems

Employees: 70

What employees love: Close-knit culture driven by three generations of family members still running the 55-year-old business; flexible hours for certain employees like accounting and technicians; telecommuting options; performance bonuses; new employee referral bonus; quarterly giveaways like gift cards and trips; company outings; paid gym membership; free food in office. “We work together and play together,” founder Philip Hobson says. “We’ve helped develop a lot of people who own their own businesses, and we’re very proud of that.”

Cool benefit: Flexible hours in accounting, and employees in the department are known to bring their toddlers to work. “There’s no set schedule” for that department, Brett Hobson, Philip Hobson’s son and company president, says. “It’s very task-oriented. There’s a given scope of work.” HVAC technicians can also choose to condense their work week in four long days, preserving a three-day weekend. Telecommuting is available for some employees whose jobs are appropriate and who have family conflicts. The Hobsons look to be as flexible as they can without sacrificing service. “It does no good to bring three in the front door if four are going out the back door,” Brett Hobson says.

“What makes Comfort Experts a great company to work for? First and foremost, we do what we say we will do for our customers. We stand behind our work 100 percent. Being in the customer service department for a company that is honest and cares about its customers makes my job much easier! Also, it is the people who own and run the company, the Hobsons. They are very family-oriented and will go above and beyond to help an employee deal with a personal situation instead of just turning their backs and wishing the employee well. Last year, one of my sons had a stroke, and Mr. Hobson not only kept my job for me although I had to be out of the office for six weeks, but he also covered my insurance cost while I was out. The day I got back, the entire company had made donations to give me to help me get back on my feet after the long break from earning. I have been with Comfort Experts almost 10 years, and I look forward to the next 10 as well.”

- Lisa Maddux, Customer Service Agent