Fort Capital

#12 Best Company to Work For - Small Companies

What they do: Real estate development and investment

Employees: 18

What employees love: Monthly Best Team Player recognition and bonus; Employee of the Month contest; celebrations when deals close; gym membership; free food.

Cool benefit: Equity positions in deals for senior employees. How it works: “Once employees in senior positions have been here two years, they are given small equity interests in deals,” Sarah Betn Shapleigh, the marketing director, says. “The employee is not required to invest their capital in order to obtain the equity – it is sweat equity. Each position vests over a three-year period. It is available on a subjective basis, but generally speaking, all deals have a piece carved out for Fort Capital employees. The amount each team member gets varies from deal to deal and dependent on their tenure."

“It is extremely rewarding to know you work with a group of people that really care about each other. That is what we have at Fort Capital. We all trust, support and invest in each other to not only grow this great company but also as individuals. Our leadership team is always eager to listen and receive feedback in order to make this company the best that it can be! Being such a small company, it’s difficult at times to compete with the large companies regarding benefits. Fort goes above and beyond to elevate our benefits year after year. This and so much more make Fort the best place to work!”

- Shana Crawford, Development Manager