Shared SpacesOut of GasVentures With ValuesBack in the Driver’s SeatBurning Rubber

Shared Spaces

A former auto body shop is now a favored Fort Worth coworking space for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Out of Gas

How fast will Fort Worth development adjust to energy disruption and a future of fewer cars on the road?

Ventures With Values

One TCU student's memories of chronic illness and hospital stays leads to a startup that wants to bring virtual reality programming into children's hospitals, helping patients cope with pain, anxiety and depression.

Back in the Driver’s Seat

Jorge Varela, with 14 startups in his back pocket, left that world years ago to raise his four children. With the youngest in college, they’ve given him the green light to return to the starting line.

Burning Rubber

Al Micallef parlays a lifelong rubber products play into ranching, horses, restaurants, and, lately, cigars. It’s put 250 children of his employees through college. And he's not done yet.


May/June 2017

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