Great Scott

Try This: Charcuterie Board
1701 Cross Roads Drive, Grapevine

Grapevine needed another wine bar like Austin needs another barbecue joint. But the Scotts — married couple Matthew and Danielle — were determined to come up with a fresh idea to get a wine bar off the ground. 

After studying menus of surrounding restaurants, the couple found their niche: charcuterie. But not just planks of cured meats. They would build an entire menu — and an entire restaurant — around meat. Thus was born, in summer '16, their fine-dining “meatery.”

You sip and linger here, at this former Carrera's restaurant, choosing glasses and bottles from Matthew's extensive wine list (he's a former wine director from Abacus) while putting together your charcuterie board; you have more than 20 meats and cheeses from which to choose. Meat is cured on-site. “We converted a walk-in freezer into a drying room for the charcuterie,” Danielle says. “Curing meats is very much a scientific process. You have to pay attention to and understand so many factors — the moisture level, the pH balance. It's intense but fun.” 

For heartier appetites, there are entrees and apps that utilize meat in inventive ways: a pizza smeared in bacon jam; pork belly lollipops, served with a side of orange-raisin habanero jelly; elk coated in an espresso rub.

It's not all meat, mind you. Seafood, predominantly by-catch species from the Gulf of Mexico, and veggies plucked from an on-site garden are also prominently featured on the menu, whose dishes are ably carried out by notable Dallas chef Jermaine Brown.

Pictured: Great Scott executive chef Jermaine Brown