How To Style a Bar Cart

We asked prop stylist Katie Ryan-Lopez for a few tips on how to keep a bar or a bar cart looking picture-perfect for your holiday party.

What “extras” can really make a bar look special? Add a candle for some warmth or touches of holiday decor. Festive straws and cocktail napkins can set the color story or theme for the evening. 

How do you stock a bar well without making it look too cluttered? If you’re using a bar cart, line up your bottles and mixers on the bottom shelf to make it approachable and easy to find what you're looking for. That way, your specialty items can shine on the top.

What’s an attractive way to stock sodas and cokes without having a bunch of cans around? Purchase the mini-size cans or bottles and arrange them in straight lines for a graphic and organized feel.

Where is the best place to shop for bar cart extras? I love to go to Crate & Barrel for current "on trend" items.