February 2017


Posted By Jennifer Casseday-Blair on 2017 Jan 24 - 4:14pm

A Scene on Autumn Drive

Jennifer Kostohryz, co-owner of Fort Design Studio, discovered a hidden gem with sweeping views on Autumn Drive in the Tanglewood area. Truly a labor of love, this contemporary ranch-style wonder has been totally transformed over the last two years to represent Kostohryz’s designer style. |...

Posted By Brittany Ryan on 2017 Jan 23 - 5:34pm

  No Regrets | photography by Alex Lepe | Fort Worth can bring the heat. In a city where arguments over the merits of various salsas have the potential to destroy friendships, or at least make Saturday night dinner unusually tense, compiling a list of the hottest is a big responsibility...

fwLiving, Cooking

Posted By Beth Maya on 2017 Jan 24 - 3:31pm

| story and food styling by Beth Maya | photography by Alex Lepe | Chocolate, once reserved for the elite, became widely available to the masses due to advances made during the industrial revolution. Thank goodness. Today, Americans eat 100 pounds of chocolate every second - 1.4 billion pounds...

fwLiving, Style

Posted By FWTXmag Productions on 2017 Jan 24 - 3:13pm

Sporting the latest attire for your exercise session evokes childhood memories of receiving a new pair of shoes. You can miraculously run faster and jump higher. Updated workout clothing can be a motivator to get your rear into gear. Nothing to wear? Don’t sweat it. We’ve got you...

fwLiving, Culture

Posted By Samantha Calimbahin on 2017 Jan 24 - 2:39pm

When the art clears, the furniture comes back in, and the FW Black House once again becomes a home.

It’s not unusual for Noel and Sara Viramontes to look out their window and catch a passerby snapping a photo of their house. The couple is used to it by now, especially after spending the past year hosting artists and musicians in their home, better known as the FW Black House. “We...

Posted By Jennifer Casseday-Blair on 2017 Jan 24 - 2:32pm

Donald Sultan’s The Disaster Paintings, on exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth from Feb. 19 – April 23, illustrate the fragility of man-made structures affected by catastrophic events.

Haunting is the word that best describes this series of paintings by New York-based artist Donald Sultan. Much different from the graphic, brightly colored depictions of flowers and fruit for which he is best known, The Disaster Paintings were inspired by newspapers headlining industrial decay,...

Escapes, fwLiving

Posted By Celestina Blok on 2017 Jan 24 - 2:18pm

Hardcore antiquing is a thing. Round Top knows how to do it best.

Twice a year, in the spring and fall, tens of thousands embark on Round Top (population 90) and surrounding “Roundtopolis” towns from Carmine to LaGrange for the Round Top Antiques Fair – an event that’s unmatched worldwide. Shoppers, dealers, decorators and proud “...

Be Well, fwLiving

Posted By Jennifer Casseday-Blair on 2017 Jan 24 - 2:06pm

Properly trained and armed with tools of protection for situations where self-defense becomes unavoidable, women can significantly reduce chances they’ll be harmed.

No matter the stage in life, it is imperative that women have a plan should a scary situation present itself. Whether walking across a college campus, jogging a secluded trail or crossing a mall parking lot on the way to their car, women shouldn’t be forced to live in fear, but instead walk...

Extra Bites

Posted By Jessica Llanes on 2017 Jan 23 - 5:17pm

It's time to rediscover East Belknap, home to some of the best traditional Vietnamese cuisine in DFW. Of course, with close to a dozen spots to choose from, how does an adventurous but uninitiated diner know where to begin?

Kick off your food tour in Haltom City with an amuse-bouche at the takeout eatery, Vinh Binh. This hole-in-the-wall shop sells a variety of to-go items, from Vietnamese meatballs and sausages to fish cakes and specialty grocery items. But Vinh Binh is most well known for pork eggrolls. At 50 cents...

fwDish, Reviews

Posted By Jessica Llanes on 2017 Jan 23 - 5:10pm

Step into another world inside one Magnolia area café.

| photography by Alex Lepe | Seated at a table inside The Flying Carpet, with its paneled pinewood floors and walls, surrounded by ornate Turkish rugs and collectibles, I feel as if I’m sitting inside a giant Turkish jewelry box. Located in a restored, early 1900s bungalow, the café...


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