February 2018


Posted By Shilo Urban on 2018 Jan 17 - 2:39pm

Fredericksburg Herb Farm Fredericksburg, Texas Vibe: Organic Spa & Garden Hideaway Wander through gardens of lavender, rosemary, and basil. Bliss out with a thyme massage and cherry facial. Wake up to an almond waffle with whipped cream and a flight of mimosas. Welcome to...

Posted By FW Mag Staff on 2018 Jan 17 - 10:22am

by FWTX Staff Our annual Culinary Awards have undergone a change. They’ve been whipped, blended, shaken, stirred and transformed into The Foodie Awards. Gone are categories and titles. Instead, there are just dishes. The best dishes, that is, in the city. The best appetizers, entrees,...

Posted By Courtney Dabney on 2018 Jan 17 - 9:45am

Alternatives abound in modern cities. Bike lanes shoulder up to car lanes. Farmers markets are held in fields adjacent to grocery stores. Gluten-free items belly up to bowls of pasta on menus. What once were considered alternative options are actually becoming mainstream. And, while the term...


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