January 2018


Posted By Kendall Louis on 2018 Jan 4 - 9:19am

Elaine Agather is changing clothes in a horse stall inside Will Rogers Memorial Center when I ask her how she managed life as a working mom with two young daughters early on in her career. To be specific, she’s changing from a rhinestone-covered red, white and blue Western suit to a...


Posted By Jocelyn Tatum on 2017 Dec 28 - 2:33pm

It’s Thanksgiving. April Harrison, 43, and her three boys — Ayden, 7, Andrew, 18, and Aaron, 24 — sit in the few plastic folding chairs they have scattered among a sea of boxes reaching 4 feet tall. April takes a break from cooking to sit in one plastic patio chair in her new...

Cover Story

Posted By Anonymous on 2017 Dec 28 - 12:18pm

There’s no better way to pick a fight in Fort Worth than saying five simple words: “Who has the best barbecue?” › In a town with so many great answers, passions run deep. In no time at all, you’ll be duking it out with...