Jameel Bagby

Young Junior High School, Arlington schools

What he teaches: 7th grade science

How long he’s taught: Entering second year as a teacher

Education: Bachelor of science, kinesiology, with a minor in health promotion, University of North Texas

Why he teaches: I teach and I coach because I hope to spark at least one brain to change the world or their sport, and I love to see the growth of students.

How he connects with students: I connect with students by just getting to know them as a person and not just a student. I ask the kids how they're doing in other classes, their respective sports or clubs, if their families are doing OK and let I them know that if they need my advice on anything that I'll help them the best I can. I also teach them about life through my ‘Quotes of the day.’

Why he’s a Top Teacher: “He makes me want to come to class.” – Student, in nominating Bagby.