Jim Ross Law Group, P.C.

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What they do: Law firm specializing in personal injury, criminal defense, family law, and business litigation. Jim Ross says he’s the most unusual lawyer around, and he might be right. Ross grew up in Detroit in an auto industry family, went into the Marines, then moved to Arlington to be near an aunt and was an Arlington Police officer for years, finishing as an undercover narcotics agent teamed with the Drug Enforcement Administration. “I spent a lot of time in court,” he says. “I thought, these lawyers suck. I can do better than that.” So in his mid-30s, he went to law school. He first worked with famed personal injury investigator Erin Brockovich and finally ended up hanging out his own shingle. He bumped along his first three or four years, then hit it big in a personal injury settlement he reached in a case he got on referral from a man he’d had a short talk with more than a year earlier. “We settled that for millions,” he says. Reflecting on the short conversation he had that led to the referral, he says, “if you just treat people right, it’ll come back to you.” With that clarified mission, Ross’ firm has shot ahead in the last three years, going to 30 employees from nine. On the side, Ross recently partnered up with Mercury Chophouse to open a steakhouse on the top floor of the north Arlington office building that houses his firm.

Employees: 20

What employees love: Periodic in-office breakfasts and lunches. “We bring in lunch almost every week” on Fridays, Ross says. “Our employees’ favorite is Babe’s fried chicken.” Holiday parties; paid personal trainer; weight loss challenges with the trainer’s help; employee night at Drybar; massage chairs; flexible hours. “People here know family comes first,” he says. “You’re not going to lose your job because your child got sick and you have to be out.” Ross has been known to spring for medical bills that aren’t covered by the firm’s health insurance. He likes to tell his employees, “If you see something that makes this place better, let me know.” He takes them and families on outings to Six Flags Over Texas and the State Fair, all expenses paid. The company also sponsors and volunteers at various events.

Cool benefits: Winners of the employee of the month contest receive $100 cash prizes, a day off, and covered parking for a month. Winners of the employee of the year contest (all monthly winners are eligible) receive $1,000 cash and three days off. What about a steak dinner, too? “That’s an idea,” Ross says.

“This firm has provided professional and personal opportunities that I would not have had at any other firm. This firm isn’t just an office where I spend my time during work hours. To consider it as such would be a slight to the co-workers I consider friends and Jim, who has invested in not only getting to know me and developing my career, but he has also taken time to get to know my family. I am very thankful for his mentorship and the opportunities for growth he has given me.”

- Rustin Brunson, Attorney