Monthly Photo Contest

MARCH 2019

Photo by Chris Bermejo | @thelonelyriver

“This photo was taken at the Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center downtown. After a day spent shooting with some fellow street photographers in Dallas, my friend Tate and I exited the TRE when we noticed the resting cowboy. He was the perfect representation of how we both felt at the time, so I quickly took my camera out to capture the moment. I always shoot in manual with my camera, and thankfully since the train was still waiting for other passengers to board, I was able to meter the light for a well exposure.”


Photo by Brooks Burris | @brooksburrisphotography

“My family and I went to eat dinner at Heim Barbecue and decided to stop by the Grow Plant Shop when I snapped the photo of my daughter, Porter. She is 2 years old and loves to be in front of the camera, so we’re always out and about taking pictures. She was dancing and having a great time exploring all the plants. The overalls she was wearing happened to work perfectly with the Grow vibe, giving a nice retro look with the Airstream.”


Photo by Chelsy Forbes | @chesly.forbes

Chesly Forbes normally bikes or walks to her oil and gas job downtown. But on this rainy day, she took her car and found herself at the intersection of Second and Main streets with the perfect moment for a photo op. “The muted colors of the buildings seem to pop against the gray sky, and the reflection of the lights glow on the wet streets,” she told Fort Worth Magazine. “A rainy day can really be quite magical if you stop to take it all in.”

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