Marketing / Advertising / Sales - Internship

Marketing / Advertising / Sales Internship - Fort Worth, Texas magazine

Program Overview

This internship program is intended for those looking to gain professional experience in the area of Advertising Sales and/or Marketing in the media industry. We will have both full-time and part-time internships availiable.  As an intern in the advertising sales department, you will work closely with the sales team to see the inner workings of the revenue generating aspect of a magazine, the work it takes to please the client . Interning with the advertising/sales department is a great way to get experience. You will see first-hand how special sections, multimedia campaigns and sponsorship opportunities are developed, as well as the follow through and end product, the new issue. This is a very dynamic internship that needs dedicated hardworking applicants. You will gain hands-on experience while working alongside people with years of industry knowledge and skill, as well as make connections that can help in future endeavors. Letters of recommendation will be provided upon completion of the program

Possible Intern Duties

The duties may include some of all of the following types of tasks:

  • Create and/or gather materials for client meetings and presentations
  • Conduct research of potential advertisers (prospect targets)
  • Implement various task as assigned to make sales department more efficient
  • Assist with CRM system updates  for sales and marketing
  • Assist with revenue generation ideas
  • Assist with account management task as needed
  • Assist with prospecting activities

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