What’s in a Drink?

Bartender Jonathan Bolden at The Capital Grille sat down with us to discuss how the restaurant produces its signature martini, the Stoli Doli. | by Jessy Diamba |

| by Jessy DiambaThe Capital Grille in downtown Fort Worth is an ideal place to sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious meal in a luxurious atmosphere. When locals are thirsty for an adult beverage, they can choose from the bar’s extensive selection of cocktails, such as the Capital Cosmopolitan or the classic Manhattan. The Capital Grille is most well known for its signature drink, the Stoli Doli.

“From the very start, we take Dole pineapple and cut it into even slices so that it will fit nicely inside a jar. After we’re done stacking the pineapple, we add Stolichnaya vodka—Stoli for short—to the jar, and let them sit together for seven to 10 days,” he says as he points to one jar in the process. “When both items are done infusing, we strain the vodka out of the pineapple, shake it and serve the Stoli Doli nice and cold in a martini glass. Not too hard, huh?”

Gloria Starling, managing partner at The Capital Grille, believes that the Stoli Doli will never go out of style.

The Capital Grille is located on 800 Main St. For more information, go to thecapitalgrille.com.