Ready, Set, Tech

Workspace™ Hub27

Work anywhere there’s a wall with this sleek and modern traveling workspace. Doubling as an organizer, simply attach the device to a wall, open it and instantly enjoy a work surface complete with a channel to plug-in and charge all devices. Adjust the work surface height for an ergonomically-friendly standing desk or close it all up and lock it for a neatly concealed and secure workstation. Ergotronhome,, $349.95

Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

Transform your tiny smartphone keys to a full-sized QWERTY keyboard while at your desk with laser projection. The small device projects a keyboard onto a flat surface and tracks your fingers as you type with Bluetooth technology. It is the perfect addition to your permanent workspace or allows you to create a workstation while traveling on business. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery comes with a charger and lasts for up to two hours. Amazon, $149.97

Brookstone Pocket Projector Micro

Present ideas wherever you go with this super-compact projector. Conveniently store it in your pocket or briefcase while on the move, and then connect to your smartphone, computer or tablet when it’s time to present. The internal battery lasts up to two hours per charge. No need to worry about sound, because this pocket projector has built-in speakers. Brookstone,, $149.99

HooToo TripMate Elite

Create your own secure Wi-Fi network while on the go with this multipurpose travel companion. This 7-ounce device also allows you to back up files, videos and photos to free up space and has dual USB ports for charging multiple devices. Finally, create your own private cloud to share large files and images with colleagues. HooToo,, $21

Build Focus

This computer app is designed to help you concentrate and beat desktop distractions like Facebook and Twitter. The app blocks certain websites that cause you to be inefficient while leaving the websites you need open. It also encourages you to take breaks and stretch your legs and provides graphs to help you better understand your productivity. Build Focus is still in beta, but you can register to get early access and receive an email to test it out through Google Chrome.


Ensure remote employees can partake in all of the in-office action with this fully spherical portable camera. Attach the device to a tabletop tripod and live-stream meetings, providing a 360-degree view of your environment. Put the camera in the hands of your social media guru for better online video content, or when it’s time for a vacation, pack up your Ricoh THETA S and record full HD 25-minute videos. The camera comes with an app for smartphones and tablets that allows you to instantly view images and videos. Amazon, $346.95