How to Throw an Epic Pool Party


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One of the great things about owning a pool is the entertainment and social opportunities it provides. Long summer days are perfect for inviting friends over to cool off and have a pool party. Pool parties are not just for kids; adults can have just as much fun, if not more. Here are our top suggestions to make your party the hit of the summer.

Plan, plan, and plan some more.

Planning is the key to hosting a successful pool party. It's important to set a date and have your friends and family save that date well in advance because summer calendars fill up fast. Be sure to include the time of the party. Adding an end time lets your guests know it will not last into the night, or a more subtle way is to let them know light snacks or lunch will be served.

Pick a fun theme. 

Luau and beach themes are great for all ages. Admit it… you've been looking for a reason to wear that Hawaiian shirt hanging in your closet, haven't you? Tiki torches also add ambiance and visibility to your backyard; and some even ward off pesky mosquitoes. Keep in mind food and decorations need to follow your theme seamlessly.

Make a statement. 

Don't be afraid to go big with the decorations, but not all the decorations need to stand out. Selecting a few items to highlight will promote your theme well. For an adult party, giant pool floats are a fun decoration that are functional and will easily fit into your theme or color scheme. If children are in attendance, you should keep the pool clear of the larger items so that you can have children within view at all times. 

Pick food options that fit your theme.

Keep your choices clean, light and cool. Think about food that appeals to a crowd and isn’t too difficult to serve or eat. You don’t want to serve food that will spoil in the sun or serve anything too greasy. The best dishes to serve are salads and sandwiches. If you have a fire pit a S’mores station is always a hit.

Plan a variety of events and activities. 

There are plenty of pool games that will keep kids of all ages entertained. For the kiddos who are great swimmers, there are many diving games on the market. Volleyball and basketball games are also great options to keep a larger crowd entertained. Because too much pool-time can be draining, make sure to also plan games outside the pool. Classic lawn games are a must, especially for your competitive adults.

Provide special amenities for your guests.

Have extra towels, t-shirts and sunscreen on hand for forgetful friends. It is helpful to designate a changing area for guests that don’t want to stay in wet clothes all day. Setting up extra umbrellas for added shade to get out of the heat helps guests remain part of the festivities. Avoid glass and use plastic cups since many people will be barefoot. Plasticware also helps with clean up as well. Placing large trash cans around the dining areas keeps trash at bay and out of your yard. For those guests that don’t want to jump in the pool to cool off, provide spray bottles filled with cool water for them to use. Once all guests are out of the pool, you can add floating candles to add to the ambiance. There are many on the market with LED lighting in them.

Keep safety in mind.

Safety is the most important aspect of a successful pool party. Share pool rules with guests, especially kids. Have the pool depth clearly marked for safety and have a designated person watch the pool at all times. Consider hiring a lifeguard to ensure there is sufficient supervision (check with your local YMCA).

Sit back, grab a cold drink and relax.

Our last and most important tip is to enjoy your party. You put a lot into planning your party, so make sure you take time to sit back, soak up the sun and have fun.