We're Sweet on Arlington: 4 Desserts Worth the Drive

Arlington is sprawling with growth, especially on the dessert front.

Photo by Max Hoang Trinh

There’s a lot of talk about the growth happening in Arlington right now, from the sports realm to warehouse construction, and there’s another area in which the city has been experiencing  somewhat of a surge — dessert shops, with several opening in just the past two years alone. Here, we highlight four of them, and the one thing you have to get from each.

Ruby | 1102 Bubble Tea and Bites
While known for its milk tea served in a lightbulb (yes, it’s a glass shaped like a lightbulb), 1102 also serves an Italian soda that stands out on its own. Go for the Ruby —  a mix of soda, grapefruit syrup, lime and whipped cream — and sip it under the cherry blossom tree standing right at the front of the shop.

3610 S Cooper St., Ste. 110B
Arlington, 76015, 817.832.7791

Sea Salt Milk Foam Tea | Royal Tea
There’s milk tea, and then there’s sea salt milk foam tea, topped with a layer of salty cream that can add an extra kick to tea that’s otherwise just sweet. Royal Tea offers multiple varieties from oolong to jasmine. Plus, you can get a discount if you bring in your receipt from Ninja Ramen next door.

4654 S Cooper St., Ste. 340
Arlington, 76017, 682.270.0089

Candy Cake Pops | LuluPops by Lina
Sure, LuluPops by Lina can make customized gourmet cake pops shaped like Peppa Pig or SpongeBob for your child’s birthday party, but on a regular day, you can drop by the shop and pick up a box for yourself. Snickers, Twix, Butterfinger, Peanut Butter Cup and Cookies n Cream (made with Oreos) all taste like the real thing, except in buttery smooth cake form.

3851 SW Green Oaks Blvd., Ste. 103
Arlington, 76017, 817.880.1111

Black Humor | Iceland Ice Cream
In case you haven’t seen it yet on someone’s Instagram story, rolled ice cream is a treat that originated in Thailand, made by freezing flavored milk on a flat pan and rolling it. It’s Iceland Ice Cream’s specialty, offering the option to create your own flavor or choose from naughty-named combinations like Fifty Shades of Grey and Evil Berries. For chocolate lovers, Black Humor is the thing to get — chocolate ice cream mixed with oreos and topped with more Oreos, brownies and chocolate Pocky sticks. Oh, and the spoons here change colors.

1201 W Arbrook Blvd.
Arlington, 76015