Why Hire a Seasoned Contractor-Buyer Beware?



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Adding a backyard pool can be one of the most special things you can do for your family. It will be a place that provides dozens of memories over the years. Pools provide a place to congregate for bonding with family and friends, and provide an outlet for exercise for your body. We frequently hear that a childhood pool provided the best memories for our clients. Our hope is that when you decide to make the decision for your family, that you have the facts necessary to make it an enjoyable experience.

The Internet has become a source of information that one can access and find information in a moment’s notice. There is a great commercial on television that says, “It’s on the internet, so it must be true.” Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  One must take information and check the facts.

Companies often exaggerate their time in business, their experience, and their volume of sales.  Much like the story of the fisherman bragging about the large fish he caught that may be a “smidgeon” smaller than what he/she sees, contractors can be guilty of misleading by exaggerated statistics.

We respect and admire healthy competition and are saddened when we see the other side of the coin. A friendly competitor just sent us a snapshot of a new pool company’s website. They have been in business for two years and are advertising their broad experience stating they have built 2,000 pools since their inception. That would be an amazing feat under any year, even if you lived in Arizona where the temperatures are consistently high year-round. Considering 2015 and 2016 were two of the rainiest years in the DFW Metroplex, that new company would have had to experience miraculous results.

While marketing is about exhibiting your company in the best light, we must still do our due diligence when hiring someone for a large expenditure like a home or pool.  Someone new in business has not experienced the multiple variables that can occur in construction, nor do they fully understand all the different city regulations and requirements. Most do not understand the cost of their personal labor, or their overhead expenses that need to be met to create a viable sustaining business. Many carry no general liability insurance or worker’s compensation insurance.

Our office receives calls each year from people who purchased from a “cheaper” company and they are in a nightmare that needs professional oversight. We have seen pools built that encroach on a neighbor’s property, pools started without a proper city permit, pools constructed with inadequate plumbing and a multitude of other issues. Being a service technician for a few years does not give you pool building experience. Many learn that the hard way, but it is at the client’s expense. Because statistics show that most businesses fail within five years, it is imperative to do your homework and research.

We want you to enjoy your investment and the creative process that goes with it. Selecting the design, tile, coping, decking and materials is exciting. Having an experienced professional handle the rest makes the process painless and stress-free.