Found & Collected

Finds from The Collected.

At least twice a year, designers and treasure hunters flock to the fields of Round Top, Texas, for The Original Round Top Antiques Fair. Usually the fruits of that labor land directly in well-designed homes, escaping the eye and the purchasing power of us hyper-curious onlookers. Enter Katie Irsaneous and her design firm, Irsaneous Interiors. Originally from Fort Worth, Irsaneous worked for Ralph Lauren Home in Manhattan before moving back and starting her design business, bringing clients her mix of classic and eclectic taste. The local designer and her right-hand woman, Brie Berta, hit Round Top this fall, and their finds will join other items on The Collected, the new online store on
“It truly is collected. Sometimes I find things that I love but that don’t necessarily work for an ongoing project,” Irsaneous says. “I found that I have passed really good things up. Now I have an outlet for them.”

(1) Stone & Rose Gold Cross Base Lamps (Sold as a pair)
Vendor: Round Top - Arbor Antiques

(2) Vintage Hermes Throw Pillows (Sold as a pair)
Vendor: Round Top - Marburger Farm Antique Show
“We’re just obsessed with these. They’re hand painted, so they aren’t exactly the same.”

(3) Abstract Painting
Vendor: Warrenton - Dillard’s Field

(4) Hand-painted Vases (Sold separately)
Vendor: Warrenton - North Gate
$195 each
“These would be a really great addition to a tablescape.”

(5) Bamboo Chair
Vendor: Round Top - Arbor Antiques
“The condition of all the binding and everything are in really good shape. It’s hard to find stuff that is in as good shape as this.”

(6) Sideboard Buffet Table
Vendor: Round Top - Marburger Farm Antique Show

(7) Turkish Oushak Rug
Vendor: Round Top - Arbor Antiques
“What drew us to this was the softness of the colors. It’s got a lot of that dusty rose color in there which is really in right now. It was hand-knotted and handwoven in Turkey.”