Sundance Square Gets a New Boutique

by Meg Hemmerle

Since there’s no such thing as too many places to shop, Sundance Square is welcoming a new store — Willow House Boutique will be opening this spring at 317 Houston St.

Owners Kerrie and Craig Turner manage two other Willow House locations in Celina and McKinney. The store will feature hand-selected apparel, accessories, home décor and gifts.

“With the red-brick streets and a lively, welcoming environment of Sundance Square, we know Willow House will be a natural fit,” said Kerrie Turner in a press release. “We love the sophisticated charm of Sundance Square, and we will extend a warm shopping experience to all our guests.”

According to Sundance Square, visitors have increased more than 30 percent in 2016 over the same period in 2015, as more locally owned and national retail stores opened. Last year, the development opened Francesca’s, Parts Unknown, Istanbul Grill and Yours Truly.

“We have created an incredible setting for shopping and entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else in North Texas,” said Johnny Campbell, President and CEO of Sundance Square in a press release. “Careful consideration goes into each merchant we bring to Sundance Square to keep a balance of entertainment, shopping, and restaurants to provide our visitors, downtown residents and office workers the greatest experience.”