Emerging Products from Cowtown’s Life Sciences Companies

An earwax dissolver, home charger for electric cars, and topical treatment for psoriasis hit Amazon.

Some of Fort Worth’s startups are moving into their next gear. Updates on some of the startups FW Inc. has written about:

Eosera’s Earwax MD Eosera, a Fort Worth biotech company founded by former Alcon vets Elyse Dickerson and Joe Griffin, in 2017 debuted its ear cleaning solution Earwax MD. Sales achieved “exponential growth” as the product became available on Amazon and at CVS stores, Eosera says.

What’s new for 2018: The company intends to get into more retailers and launch an entire ear care line, Eosera says. Earwax MD is distributed by medical supply distributors, online at Amazon, EarcareMD.com and cvs.com, and at CVS. The company says it “anticipates much larger distribution across major U.S. retailers later in 2018.”

“Given that commercialization truly began to take full force in the second half of 2017, we are very satisfied with the commercialization of our first product to date,” Dickerson says. “We are now working with key retailers that want to grow their ear care category by adding our premium line of ear care solutions.”

Revitalize Charging Solutions’ new Rev+ Dual Home Charger Revitalize, headed by entrepreneur Edward Morgan, in January introduced its Rev+ Dual Home Charger, the electric vehicle market’s first dual residential charger, on Indiegogo.

The charger costs $599 for a single connector and $699 for a dual connector. On Indiegogo, Revitalize is offering a $610 package that includes a Dual Home Charger with dual cable, cable holder, Rev+ T-shirt, one Go Green sticker, and a personal thank you from Morgan.

“REV+ will be the solution that provides the charging needs for one or two electric vehicle homes,” Morgan says. “With the price of electric cars decreasing, you will start to see homes with two electric cars. Our dual charger has power of 12 kWh and 50 Amps, providing a big punch in a short period of time.”

Rev+ users can manage their electric vehicle charging experience via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and integrated web server.

Nuvothera’s Prosoria Nuvothera in February launched sales of its Prosoria, a nonprescription treatment for relieving and helping prevent the symptoms of psoriasis, to the public. Prosoria is available at prosoria.com and Amazon.

“Psoriasis is the world’s largest autoimmune disease, affecting more than 8 million people in the U.S. and 125 million worldwide,” Art Clapp, Nuvothera’s CEO, says. “Yet research shows that 87.8 percent of patients and 98.0 percent of dermatologists feel there is a strong or moderate need for better psoriasis therapies.”

The treatment system consists of four products. It includes three pump bottles of gels and a cream for the daily system, plus a tube of Prosoria Rapid Repair Exfoliating Ointment for more intensive night care.

Prosoria is designed to hydrate and condition skin; treat and relieve scaling, flaking, itching, redness, and irritation; moisturize and exfoliate skin; and restore skin’s appearance and improve its texture.