Containers Are King

The shipping container trend lives on with the completion of Box Office Warehouse Suites in Alliance.

Just west of Interstate 35 at the Golden Triangle exit, the office, warehouse and retail space, currently available for lease, was built entirely from shipping containers — 120 of them to be exact. The new complex includes a two-story, 24-site beauty salon made out of 10 containers. Denton-based Container King built the project and helped with the design and planning phases. The company is known for projects nationwide, including container homes, offices and hunting cabins.

Box Office already has a diverse lineup of tenants that includes Happy State Bank, Salon and Spa Galleria, Harman Senior Village, a purse store and a church. Container King painted the containers in vibrant colors, including red, green, turquoise and TCU purple. The team also hired five artists to create a 20-foot mural.

With 320 square feet to work with, tenants can personalize their containers. If the tenant’s business grows, they can add onto their retail or office space with more shipping containers in the future instead of having to scout out a new location. Many of the suites also feature glass fronts, rooftop space and garage parking.

1953 Golden Heights Road