Fort Worth Instagram Images of the Week

by: Erin Pinkham

Fort Worthians aren’t afraid to make each day special. Here are a few of our favorite photos from Instagram that show off Funkytown.


Happy day! Finally under 100 in the Fort

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Looking for a late night snack.

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Depression, y’all want me to be real? Not social media real, like REAL REAL. The past few years have been the hardest of my entire life. From making more money than I ever have, calling my dad and my sister telling them I did it. We were never going to have to struggle again. I GOT US. To having my brother move down to Texas with me to start over and live our lives comfortably for once. Couple weeks later, POOF.... there it all went. My income, my truck, my apartment.. I lost it all. Lived in a motel 6 for 63 days with my brother and our two dogs... I didn’t know what to do, I’d go sit in my truck and cry at night.. I felt like a fucking failure..This past year my birthday month business was booming, everything was coming together, EVERYONE making money. The last day of the month comes, my birthday.. and I get the call from my sister.. “grandma passed” fuck..that was hard to handle, the woman that paid for everything for my brother and I when we were little living with our mom. Mortgage, food, clothes.. she did it all. The last thing She told me “you’ll always be my little boy that made it out of the storm”Couple months later I found my dream girl, everything couldn’t be better. Started to build my dream life, finally something that would last. I’d never been so happy. I’d finally found a family to be a part of..And POOF there it goes again... it all crumbled in my face. It’s been 48 days, and truth be told I haven’t slept a single night without a couple drinks and sleeping pills. Normally falling asleep was my get away and now it’s my prison. I don’t say this for attention and sure as hell not sympathy. I’m writing this to show you that even the people who motivate you, or inspire you... we have demons too. We fight battles just like you do. But the same thing remains. Keep. Pushing. Forward. It doesn’t matter if you are walking or crawling. Don’t stop, keep going. One foot at a time. You have two choices, to throw the towel in every single day and fall victim. Or to put the damn gloves on and fight back. If no one has told you in a while, I just want you to know. I BELIEVE IN YOU. I LOVE YOU. YOU’RE WORTH IT : @visionbymitch

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How cute is this place?! @growplantshop #plantshop #supportlocal #fortworth #fortworthinsta

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