The People of Fort Worth

Take a sneak peek into the lives of everyday Fort Worthians

By Brandi Addison

Cowtown, Funkytown, The Fort and Panther City — whatever you might call it, Fort Worth’s nicknames are as diverse as its people. Take a stroll down any street, and you might run into a bowling pin juggler in dreads, a collegiate basketball player or a prominent attorney. We took that stroll, and here’s a taste of who we met.

Carsen Lundgren, 20
Former TCU soccer player who was medically disqualified and turned to songwriting. Now a musician whose song “You” is currently on Spotify.


James Chambers, 74
Moving to Fort Worth from Illinois, has taught Greek and Roman at TCU for 40 years — the only job he’s ever had.

Jaylen Fisher, 20

Memphis native who came to Fort Worth to play basketball at TCU. Became a star point guard before an injury sidelined him last season but will be returning this year for the Horned Frogs.

Mary Nan Doran, 54
A widow who always wanted grandkids but never had children with her now-deceased husband. When photographed, she was playing with grandkids from her current relationship. Currently practicing real estate law in Fort Worth.

Alvin Smith, 58
Before moving to Fort Worth, taught English in India through the Bible. A devout Christian, he now owns his own pest-control company.

Colton Wallis, 25
Born and raised in Fort Worth and attended Aledo High School. Was named most eligible bachelor of Parker County in 2015 and has worked in real estate for the past four years.

Trent Shaskan, 52
San Francisco native and baker/co-owner of an artisan bread company. Find him at numerous Fort Worth farmers markets, including Clearfork on Saturdays.

Brian Bailey, 31
From Weatherford but has lived in Fort Worth for over 10 years. A cancer survivor, he currently works as warehouse manager at Avoca Coffee.


Jimmy Sweeney, 25
TCU alum who’s opening Fort Worth’s first art house theater in The Foundry District with his wife, Brooke.


Torrie Clark, 44
Locally born and currently lives in South Arlington. Just started working downtown a couple months ago as a commercial loan assistant.


Ven. Ratanaguna, 61
His father brought his family to Oklahoma City from Vietnam, and he was later sent to help build a temple with the Dallas-Fort Worth Buddhist Association.


Julien Gomez, 35
Galveston resident via Columbia visiting Fort Worth for the first time. Works in graphic design and 3D animation.


Jarrold Dash, 45
Retired engineer and former college football player who never smoked in his life, yet survived stage 4 lung cancer after undergoing a bilateral lung transplant at Stanford University.


Chrissie Nemeth, 44
Colorado transplant who moved to Fort Worth two years ago. Now serves as vice president of sales and accounts at an outdoor-living company.

Paul King, 63
Retired fifth-grade teacher who taught all subjects, but mostly reading and math, at Arlington ISD. Born and raised in Fort Worth and still lives here.



Danny Vowell, 37
Local barber working at newly opened shop in Sundance Square. Once cut hair backstage at Edge Fest.