Pacheco Koch

#5 Best Company to Work For - Small Companies

What they do: Dallas company, with offices in Fort Worth, Houston and Celina, offers full-service engineering, land surveying and landscape architecture to public and private sector clients.

Employees: 56 Fort Worth, 182 companywide

What employees love: Our first-place large company winner in the 2016 Best Companies to Work For ranking is back, this time in the small company segment, because the large employer segment shifts this year to firms with 250 or more employees.

What employees talk about: PK’s family culture that includes office sports teams and fitness challenges; condensed work weeks that include half-day Fridays; Friday breakfasts; yoga; personal development workshops; company-paid fees for certifications; gym and restaurant in building. The company pays 100 percent of health premiums. Office sports include sand volleyball, dodgeball and indoor soccer league teams. An activities committee plans activities, including regular volunteer work at places like the Ronald McDonald House. PK, like many others among our Best Companies, employs a lot of younger workers. “They just want to feel part of the team,” Holly McPherson, a PK associate principal, says. “Outside work, activities are important to them.”

Cool benefits: Work week includes 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday hours, and 7:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Fridays.

“Since joining the Pacheco Koch Fort Worth office more than seven years ago, I have witnessed our transition from a small, five-person office to the awesome group of professionals I work with daily. I have seen firsthand the effort that goes into ensuring every new hire first and foremost positively contributes to the office culture. This effort is one of the main reasons our various departments are able to work together and collaborate daily on numerous projects while still having fun. Starting on my first day at Pacheco Koch with an employee lunch, everybody I have met since then has made sure I feel welcome and has assured that I continue to receive the right opportunities for professional development and growth within the company. By providing several different training opportunities, Pacheco Koch and its team members ensure the appropriate training is received to succeed in your chosen field. A few of these opportunities I have participated in include mentor programs, lunch-and-learns, seminars, and manager trainings. Each of these trainings are led by experts in their field and act as a chance to bond and build stronger relationships with my coworkers. Another aspect that makes Pacheco Koch a great place to work is the after-work activities offered to the employees as well as their families. Pacheco Koch emphasizes involvement in the community, such as volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House and Tarrant County Food Bank, as well as participation in a variety of company sports teams – my favorites being the dodgeball tournament and sand volleyball games. These after-work activities help with team building and getting to know my fellow coworkers, or what I like to call my PK family, outside of the office environment. While I have had a great time working at Pacheco Koch already, I look forward to the bright future of this office and sharing my work weeks with not just coworkers, but my friends.”

- Jace Motheral, Engineer