Patterson Law Group

#6 Best Company to Work For - Small Companies

What they do: Personal injury law

Employees: 16 full-time, nine part-time, Fort Worth and Arlington offices

What employees love: Family culture with ping pong table and in-office bar with Legal Draft Brewery beer on tap (one of the firm’s attorneys founded Legal in Arlington); happy hours and breakfasts; kids room; dog-friendly; flexible scheduling and telecommuting options. Annual one-month “Squat Challenge” underway before the holidays; staff takes a break each day and plays music while doing a wall sit as a group. “Disclaimer,” lawyer Anna Patterson says. “Our male attorneys are too lazy to participate.”

Cool benefit: Telecommuting options. “PLG employs a significant number of single moms, who both love their kids and their jobs, trying to make both work on a daily basis,” Patterson says. “We understand how hard this can be and try to be as supportive as possible, because we know that our staff is our greatest asset. When possible, we work with our employees’ schedules and constraints, providing laptops and remote connections to our casefile system, or ask others to cover for them, promoting a teamwork atmosphere. At PLG, we believe that work should never come at the expense of family. In fact, experience has shown that people reach their highest potential professionally when both their work and their family are valued.”

“There are many reasons that Patterson Law Group is a great place to work. Among them is that every day we see people at their most vulnerable and in pain. We are privileged to take those vulnerabilities and stand up alongside our clients to make sure that their voice is heard and that those who are responsible for their pain are held accountable. I get to do this with co-workers who are as passionate about the good we do in our clients’ lives as I am. That makes coming to work feel less like work, and more like a calling.”

- Tina Joslin