Probate, Estates, Trust

Issues regarding distribution or management of an estate while the client is alive or after his/her death and determining the authenticity of a last will and testament.

Attorneys whose names are in BOLD type received 20 or more nominations from their peers. Attorneys who are in BOLD ITALIC type received at least 10 but fewer than 20 nominations.

Gordon Applelman

Michael Appleman

David Bakutis

Craig Bishop

Marvin E. Blum

Tommy Boswell

Michael Bourland

Natalie S. Brackett

Keith Branyon

Patricia Cole

Kelly DeBerry

Kimberly Donovan

Tena Fox

Catherine Goodman

Ross Griffith

J. Geary Grimes

Chandler Grisham

Janet Hahn

Laura L. Haley

Shelli Harveson

Kelcie Hibbs

Amanda L. Holliday

John R.  Hunter

Lisa H.  Jamieson

Roger Jones

Mike Kaitcer

Kevin Kuenzli

Paul Lancaster

Terry Leach

Bonny  Link

Dan McCarthy

R. Dyann McCully

Catherine R. Moon

Colin Murchison

Jeffrey Myers

Blair Norman

Amy E. Ott

Julie A.  Plemons

Gary V. Post

Joel Sawyer

Aaron Shutt

Melinda Watts Smith

Dulaney Steer

Aimee L. Stone

David Tracy

Rick B. Weaver

Stephen Willey