Real Estate

Issues regarding topics concerning the purchase and sale of land, including contracts, deeds, title of insurance and other property rights.

Attorneys whose names are in BOLD type received 20 or more nominations from their peers. Attorneys who are in BOLD ITALIC type received at least 10 but fewer than 20 nominations.

Ken D. Adair

Will Babb

Christopher Baker

Mark Bishop

Susan Coleman

Blake Cox

Luke Ellis

Jay Garrett

Noelle Garsek

Bob Ginsburg

James Griffis

Susan Halsey

Jared Harrell

Sadie Harrison-Fincher

Timothy Harvard

Alan Hegi

Joel Heydenburk

Justin Huston

Paul J. Johnson

Melissa Kates

Chad Key

Jared King

Kris Landrith

Brad Mahon

Travis McNellie

Patricia Meadows

David Mellina

Sharon Millians

Gary Moates

Frank M. Newman

Russell Norment

Jeff Rattikin

Josef Reimer

Andy Rogers

Pollard Rogers

Susan Ross

R. Daniel Settle

Kenneth Stogdill

Burch Waldron

Ginger Webber

Robert G. West

Dan A. White