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The 2018 Design Awards

The functionality of a home — a place where we sleep, eat, bathe and converse with those we love — is merely a small part of what makes a house a home. Inviting and inventive interior design gives a home the lifeblood it needs to gain a personality all its own. What follows are this year’s best rooms in Fort Worth — rooms whose character and charm outshine the rest.

The Greater Fort Worth Builders Association Members List

The responsibility of constructing a home should rest only in the surest of hands. You want to ensure that all specifications, regulations, and design elements are met and provided by a builder who practices up-to-date industry standards and has the knowledge necessary to tackle any potential challenges. Calling an expert to build a home isn’t just your best option, it’s your only option.

2018 HOME Design Awards


Winners of the top well-designed spaces in the Fort Worth-Dallas area will be announced at the second annual Fort Worth HOME Design Awards & Cocktail Party. Mix and mingle with local designers, sip on cocktails and enjoy bites from Fixe Southern House.


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