Posted By Jonathan.Nauck on 2012 May 31 - 4:12pm

Why Facebook Pisses Me Off

Internalized voice #1 “Is there a place where a guy in his thirties goes to meet attractive, willing ladies for conversation and ???”   Internalized voice #2 “Yeah, It’s called a strip club”   Internalized voice #1 “STFU, Internalized...

Posted By Anonymous on 2012 May 21 - 2:42pm

A world of snot, slime and stink

by Ellen Parker The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is inviting audiences young and old to take part in an interactive experience exploring the yucky, slimy side of our bodies. The traveling exhibit, Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body, is presented together by Advanced...

Posted By Anonymous on 2012 May 16 - 3:30pm

by Brennen Anderson The Boomstick is the one-pound, 2-foot, all-beef behemoth hot dog now featured at the Ballpark at Arlington. This is a culinary challenge for anyone, so here are three suggestions to help you successfully enjoy The Boomstick: 1: Pace yourself. This strategy relies on...

Posted By Anonymous on 2012 May 10 - 5:25pm

A near-death experience

by Shauna Glenn illustration by Charles Marsh Recently I had an allergic reaction — to a wheelbarrow. It all started when I decided to go to this 8 a.m. workout up the street from my house. My sister-in-law started going to the class about a month earlier and had been telling me about...

Posted By Judie Byrd on 2012 Feb 24 - 1:14pm

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

When it comes to pulling out all the stops, Mardi Gras is the ultimate celebration for Eileen and Ace Thurman. One special touch is Eileen’s tradition of helping the children decorate cookies. Pastry bags filled with bright Mardi Gras colors are double secured with twist ties so the kids can...


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