Posted By Anonymous on 2013 May 28 - 4:14pm

Nominations close June 1

For years, Fort Worth, Texas magazine’s annual Top Chef challenge has brought together master chefs to compete for the coveted title of Top Chef. In front of a live audience, four finalists from Fort Worth and surrounding areas must cook, cut and taste their way through a multitude of...

Posted By Sonya Cisneros Curry on 2013 Apr 18 - 4:44pm

On March 27, 2014, the doors of Billy Bob’s Texas will swing open to host the kickoff event for the inaugural Fort Worth Food and Wine Festival. A goal of the festival is to infuse historic venues and local flavors to create an unforgettable experience that is uniquely Fort Worth. The...

Posted By Russell Kirkpatrick on 2013 Mar 27 - 11:35am

We're exactly one year away from the inaugural Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival. Here's how one crazy idea became a reality.

It’s hard to imagine that exactly one year from today may be one of the most exciting days of my life. As executive director and co-founder of the inaugural Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival, I can’t tell you how excited I am for March 27, 2014, to get here. Throughout the next year, I...

Posted By Christy Dunaway Smith on 2012 Dec 16 - 4:21pm

Here is a REPOST of the Ultimate & Best Christmas Lights in DFW.  Four FABULOUS prizes will be won by some lucky peeps!  Drawings to be held THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT! PLUS, drawing...

Posted By Chad Horany on 2012 Nov 6 - 11:22am

We are proud to announce, that two community bloggers - Jackie McGinnis and Trey Chapman will be covering various topics related to all things Western! Stay tuned!

Posted By james.verheyen on 2012 Nov 5 - 2:30pm

If you don't believe in time travel then start believing. Now you can sit back and relax and watch a movie under the Texas stars, just like in the 1950's. The Coyote Drive-in theater will be opening Spring 2013.

Posted By Christy Dunaway Smith on 2012 Nov 5 - 12:43pm

...are about to get a whole lot more JOYFUL! The Joy of Life Gala benefiting Cancer Care Services is FINALLY HERE!  I can't even begin to tell you how much work I have put into this event!  I feel like I have birthed the Mother Load!  Busting balls across this town raising...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2012 Oct 31 - 9:16am

Construction has begun and the screens are going up at the Coyote Drive-in. Check out the rest of this story and more on Sunday Nov. 4th on TXA 21 @ 10:30 a.m.

Posted By Anonymous on 2012 Oct 29 - 11:27am

It’s about time Fort Worth — and the nation, for that matter — has its own television network covering the horse culture that is so much a part of the city’s heritage and which pumps so much money into the local economy from equine events at the Will Rogers Memorial Center...

Posted By Chad Horany on 2012 Oct 23 - 10:58am

When compiling a list of Fort Worth’s best budget-friendly dishes, we went for tasty, filling feasts that gave us a bang for our buck. The list by no means encompasses all of the wonderful enchilada plates, chicken fried steaks and daily specials available to us, and doesn’t...


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