Posted By Gail Bennison on 2014 Nov 18 - 4:25pm

So Funny, It’s Scary

Endeavor Cinema Group presented a red-carpet event at Four Day Weekend Theater in Downtown Fort Worth on Oct. 26 to celebrate the release of the first season of Ghostbreakers, a faux reality series spoofing paranormal investigation. The series is currently “on demand” for downloading...

Posted By Anonymous on 2014 Nov 18 - 4:19pm

Encore Live in Fort Worth is a formidable force in the entertainment and event industry. We caught up with Walter Kinzie, CEO of Encore Live, to see what services they provide.

| by Lexi Johnson | Q: In some cases, Encore provides more than just talent and artists, such as complete party planning authority. What are the services offered when planning an entire party? A: We call ourselves "a concept to clean up" company. From the time the client has an idea...

Posted By Anonymous on 2014 Nov 18 - 3:09pm

| by Jessy Diamba |

Ever since she was a little girl, Bekah Hale knew she wanted to open up her own boutique.  “Growing up, my mother had her own sewing business, and so I have always had a passion for apparel, styling outfits, accessorizing, etc.” In high school, Hale worked part-time at a clothing...

Posted By Jessica Llanes on 2014 Oct 28 - 9:36am

With an imaginative selection of toppings and made-from-scratch philosophy, Chef John Franke brings a fresh take to West 7th residents at Velvet Taco.

Velvet Taco makes its own tortillas and slow roasts its corn, pork and chicken. Tacos are served a la carte. | by Jessica Llanes | photography by Alex Lepe | It’s been almost a year since...

Posted By Amy Horany on 2014 Oct 27 - 12:16pm

Is it really almost Halloween? Where has the time gone? Well, if you're a little behind this season like me, you will love my post today. I'm sharing 10 creative ways to decorate your Halloween pumpkins. And don't worry, they don't even involve any carving! So grab your hot glue gun...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2014 Sep 29 - 10:39am

Nancy whips up a couple of her favorite cocktails that are sure to be a hit on game days or any day. Click here to get the game day menu and recipes.

Posted By james.verheyen on 2014 Sep 29 - 10:37am

Dream Home Party. For a peek at the Dream Home CLICK HERE. To view the interactive tour CLICK HERE.

Posted By Alison Rich on 2014 Sep 23 - 9:53am

Downtown’s Sundance Square spent a fair amount of time preppin’ the piazza for a small-screen debut. Superstar sports channel ESPN plunked down its famed College GameDay broadcast booth right in the heart of our beloved Square, from which it officially launched this year’s...

Posted By Judie Byrd on 2014 Sep 22 - 10:00am

Six local restaurants competed for the bragging rights of having the best burger in Fort Worth.

Brewster’s • 2837 Crockett St. • Fort Worth • 817.887.9233 Talk about a meat-lover’s special! Chef Pete Hollingsworth took Brewster’s Non-Traditional burger to new levels by topping his juicy beef patty with a...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2014 Sep 16 - 11:29am

A behind the scenes look into this month's male fashion photo shoot. Click Here for the details.


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