Posted By james.verheyen on 2014 Jun 4 - 9:42am

We eat some Oreos!

Posted By Heywood on 2014 May 22 - 1:42pm

| illustration by Charles Marsh |

There’s word that the old Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells is going to be renovated soon. I sure hope so. Unfortunately, most people these days don’t remember this historic landmark, and the ones that do only remember that it met its sudden demise more than 40 years ago. It’...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2014 May 12 - 11:42am

On this epdsode we take a bite out of KFC's Double Down sandwich

Posted By Heywood on 2014 Apr 29 - 9:42am

It's the personal items you bring along that make a house a home.

And they always want me to move. I’ve resisted, but this year I just might take a look around. For good reason. It might be the right time to buy. According to the Metrostudy report, new home construction is at its highest level in years. The reason is because the high volume of home sales...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2014 Apr 24 - 5:09pm

If you remember the movie Caddyshack, you won’t want to miss professional golfer, J.J. Henry and Fort Worth, Texas magazine publisher, Hal Brown, in their quest to catch a pesky gopher on the golf course. You also won’t want to miss the magazine’s 2014 “Best Of” party...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2014 Mar 28 - 1:45pm

4 Day Weekend has some fun with the April issue of the magazine.

Posted By Heywood on 2014 Mar 25 - 12:19pm

We need more clowns and doctors in the world.

| illustration by Charles Marsh | A couple of stories caught my attention recently. You may have seen the first one. If not, brace yourself. There’s currently a dangerous shortage of clowns. Sadly, according to the World Clown Association, the world’s largest trade group for these...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2014 Mar 24 - 4:52pm

The Best Of 2014 Party is right around the corner! You ready for it?

Posted By Spray Gleaves on 2014 Feb 28 - 3:25pm

Four Day Weekend Comedy celebrated its 17th anniversary just two weeks after receiving the honor of “Small Business of the Year” by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. Watch as they have some fun with the March issue of Fort Worth, Texas magazine.

Posted By Heywood on 2014 Feb 25 - 3:35pm

I found out several weeks ago that this issue of the magazine would include a segment about some of the restaurants in Fort Worth that have been around quite awhile. That got me reminiscing about the places I frequented growing up that wound up shutting down for one reason or another. Of course,...


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