Posted By Spray Gleaves on 2013 Oct 14 - 2:51pm

Four Day Weekend Magazine Improv(Oct.) from Fort Worth, Texas magazine on Vimeo. The latest installment from Four Day Weekend.

Posted By Molly on 2013 Sep 25 - 3:52pm

Straightforward advice on anything and everything.

Q: I got invited to a Halloween party at a friend’s apartment. When I went to the store to try and find a costume, I was shocked at the selection. I’m physically fit and in my late 20s, and I would never wear some of the things I saw. My choices were slutty cheerleader, slutty nurse,...

Posted By Alison Rich on 2013 Aug 28 - 11:18am

Whenever September rolls around, I typically do a couple of things. First, I let out a booming “Hallelujah!” because my kiddos are (finally) back in school and no longer eating their way through every cupboard, cabinet and accessible crevice in our kitchen. Then, after performing a...

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Aug 16 - 5:36pm

Two interns. One large grocery list.

Allow me to set the stage. Two college students interning at Fort Worth, Texas magazine for the summer were tasked with compiling pantry ingredients for the 2013 Top Chef competition. One of us likes to cook, the other can hardly make ramen noodles. Armed with a 5-ft.-long generic grocery list,...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2013 Aug 5 - 2:53pm

4 Day Weekend does a bit of improv with Fort Worth, Texas magazine's August issue.

Posted By Heywood on 2013 Jun 27 - 10:13am

The incredible shrinking human brain

A s you may have heard a few months ago, the state Senate passed a bill that would rename the Texas Railroad Commission. This, of course, is the agency that regulates the oil and gas industry. And although it's been around for more than 120 years, it finally dawned on somebody in Austin that it...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2013 Jun 25 - 9:11am

Four Day Weekend does a bit of improv with Fort Worth, Texas magazine.

Posted By Felicia Hurst on 2013 Jun 20 - 4:32pm

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes (most of the time) random odd things pop into my head. So this morning at 3 a.m., my random thought was about color blind people. I don’t know why. I have no control over these odd “popcorn thoughts.” The reason I call them popcorn...

Posted By Felicia Hurst on 2013 Jun 17 - 9:22am

Do you ever wonder if maybe some of us should unite and have a meaningful talk with some of the elderly citizens of Tarrant County? Aren’t these some of the same people that gave us “talks” when we needed them? I think its past time we have a chat about topics like driving (the...

Posted By Heywood on 2013 Jun 12 - 9:21am



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