Posted By Sonya Cisneros Curry on 2013 Jul 22 - 9:56am

Local parents and experts voice their opinions about pediatric vaccination.

Three-year-old Emily Lastinger wasn’t vaccinated for influenza because her parents forgot. Or because they were told to and thought it didn’t matter. In 2004, it wasn’t recommended for a healthy child her age. Emily was a perfectly normal, bouncy little girl, said her father, Joe...

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Jul 22 - 9:10am

The 9th annual Tarrant County Back to School Roundup on Aug. 7 provides tools for academic success for every student, regardless of socioeconomic status. This non-profit organization estimates that 10,000 qualifying students in grades K-12 will receive free school supplies, haircuts, immunizations...

Posted By Jennifer Casseday-Blair on 2013 Jul 22 - 8:55am

I grew up with parents who were educators. My dad taught and coached for a decade, and my mom has been teaching for more than 40 years. I can still hear the echoes of “You and I need to go to the store, NOT you and me need to go to the store” or “I did well on the exam, NOT I did...

Posted By Anonymous on 2013 Jun 26 - 10:26am

They found her wandering in the heat of Texas summer, dehydrated and on the brink of death. She could not pant. Her muzzle was taped shut. A swollen tongue protruded horrifically from the pub-mix. Four days and 100 stitches later, she defied the odds.

Hope inspired a movement. The Saving Hope Foundation is one step closer to fulfilling its mission to eradicate animal abuse and neglect in Fort Worth with the June 29 launch of the Hope Mobile, a mobile spay and neutering clinic. This initiative will provide low-cost and free spaying, neutering and...

Posted By james.verheyen on 2013 Jun 4 - 12:30pm

Families in the community turn to The WARM Place to find the emotional support and help that they need after the death of a loved one.

Posted By james.verheyen on 2013 Jun 4 - 11:17am

CEC's mission is to restore hope, share God’s love and change lives in our community.

Posted By james.verheyen on 2013 Jun 4 - 10:07am

MMOW has been providing meals for the elderly in the Denton, Tarrant, and Wise counties for over thirty-three years and is still rolling strong.

Posted By james.verheyen on 2013 May 7 - 5:05pm

For over 30 years, A WIsh With Wings has been granting magical wishes for little Texans with life-threatening conditions.

Posted By james.verheyen on 2013 May 7 - 11:05am

Some of this months stories: "First Bite Gourmet," "A Wish With Wings," "March of Dimes," and "Boys and Girls Clubs."

Posted By Paul Harral on 2013 May 2 - 2:44pm

Byron knew he didn’t have long to live so his wish was to spend it playing games with family members and friends.

Rachel Jones knew she was where she wanted to be when she secured an internship with a Wish with Wings. “I fell in love with this organization the moment I walked in the door, and then after my first semester as an intern, it felt like home, like where I belonged and where I could make a...


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